Office Desk Items

Why does it sometimes feel like your office at work is a bit empty, lacking, or just downright dull?

Well, oftentimes this can be attributed to bare walls, an empty desktop, or lack of furniture in your office (especially in an office that’s sizeable enough to house wall decor and bigger or additional furniture).

But other times, it’s your lack of available supplies. Maybe you’re in need of a specific item, yet you seem to have forgotten to include that on your list of things to get the last time you made your way to the local office supplies store. No matter the case, here are a few desk essentials you should really think about stocking your desk with.


Of all the packaging supplies that you should probably have available at work, tape is at the top. Tape fixes tears. Tape can pin important notes to your desk or wall. Tape mends and tape bends. Tape does it all, whether you’re going for masking tape, packaging tape, or regular see-through desk tape.


While this is typically something that should rest on your office desk, a lot of people have mini staplers within their desk drawer (as they don’t look the best just sitting on their sides up on your desk’s surface). Still, most bigger staplers don’t have to be huge, and they’ll likely still fit within your desk if that’s what you’re going for.

Rubber bands

Rubber bands are cheap. They’re versatile. They’re inconspicuous and can be placed in a small corner of your desk drawer. They close chip bags. They bind multiple envelopes or pens. Heck, these iconic packaging supplies can even be stress relieving to just pull on sometimes. (And god forbid they can be used to shoot at your fellow employees across the hall.)


The usefulness of sharpies cannot be overestimated. Black sharpies are perfect for writing on manilla envelopes, highlighting important documents, or writing makeshift signs to hang on your office door when you’re out of office temporarily. Even if you don’t happen to need it on the daily, there should always be “The Sharpie Guy” in any given office in case the coworkers need access to one.

Legal pad

These are the most useful things ever, especially for taking notes in meetings and flipping back and forth. When you’re done with a sheet, rip it off and move on. Legal pads are seen in businesses everywhere. Why are you slacking when this is one of the number one things that should be in your desk?