How To Ensure Your Health & Safety When Moving

Hiring professional movers to relocate from one house to another can be very expensive so some people may be forced to do the move themselves. In many cases, people can solicit the help of close friends and family members to start and complete these types of jobs. Even though the hefty lifting may be left to those who have the strength and skill to do it right, everyone who is working during these times should be aware that the possibilities of injuries can occur. To minimize and eliminate the potential risks, there are some things that homeowner can do in advance.

#1 – Pack by Specifications

While some of the boxes that people bring for the move can hold a hefty loads, there are some rules and guidelines to packing right that will need to be followed. These guidelines are meant to ensure the boxes are not so heavy that it causes the potential for an injury. For example, the boxes should only weigh the maximum amount of 50 pounds.

#2 – Backs Should Be Prepared

Even though it may seem like the professionals just starting picking up and moving things, this is not true at all. In fact, when they are preparing themselves for their moving responsibilities they are trained to stretch their whole body so that they can lift the heavy stuff without injury.

#3- Clothing is Important

Preventing accidents from occurring is also a significant part of a safe move. So, the clothing that should be worn should not be taken lightly. Typically, loose clothing that can catch on various kinds of items and open shoes are not recommended at all.

#4 – Use Proper Lifting Procedures

Another precaution that must be taken is lifting both small weights and large weight properly. Fortunately, some people already know how they should bend their knees first and how to push their waist back before attempting to pick up various kinds of loads. On the other hand, there are others who may know little to nothing about the proper lifting procedures. Either way, these lifting procedures must be done properly in order to have a move without unnecessary back problems that may occur instantly or later on after everything is completely over.

#5 – The Right Renting Equipment and Packaging Supplies must be on hand

Straps, gloves, dollies, and other things that’s needed for a move should always be on hand. These items will not only make moving boxes easier to do, but will also ensure everyone’s hands are protected from various kinds of injuries and cuts.

#6 – Lookout for Dangers

Before starting the process of moving, it is important that everyone is alert at all times. Bumping into one another with hefty loads can be an accident just waiting to happen. Water on a floor can be issues too since people can slip and fall. Obstacles on sidewalks can obstruct the path of those who are moving the boxes inside and outside of the home. Unfortunately, there are so many different things that can happen in a move. So, it is best for people to remain on alert throughout the entire process.

#7 – Emergency Kits and Packaging Supplies on Standby

Rather than wait on an accident to occur, another part of the preparation for a move is getting an emergency kit. Emergency kits have all types of different essential things that can be very helpful if the inevitable does occur.

#8 – Kids and Pets Should Be kept out of the Path of the Movers

Living life as usual is not a part of moving day. So, all pets and children should be moved into a safe area out of the way of these activities.

#9 – Hire Movers

For the heavier items, people should always hire professional movers. Even if most of the work is done by friends and family, leave the heavier jobs for the professionals who know how to do this with ease.


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